Who will be filming my wedding?
Some companies sub-contract their shooting and editing, but when you hire ShoFilms, you get ShoFilms.

How is cinematography different than videography?
Cinematography is better than regular old video because, well, it looks like a movie! It tells a story of the couple’s day in a cinematic, artful, and thoughtful way.  We have our couples stop in and get to know us, and we film a private interview with both the bride and the groom.  We hear their story from both sides before we even begin.  We incorporate this getting to know the couples into our films, and it really provides an emotional connection in the film.  Even to people who don’t know the couple! The look of our films also has a lot to do with our equipment and knowledge of how to use it.  We use small noninvasive digital SLR cameras along with sliders, steadicams, and the same tools as Hollywood filmmakers.

What is the booking process?
After you decide to use our services, a $1000 retainer is due upon booking, and the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the date of the event.  Feel free to send us an email and we can send your more detailed information on packages and pricing.

What do you need from us prior to the event?
Our goal is to make your experience with us as easy and stress free as possible. Logistically, all we need from you is a detailed event timeline at least one week prior to the event. Most importantly we need your trust in us as filmmakers and friends.

When will you arrive and depart from the event?
Much of the story occurs in the moments of the early morning preparations. We arrive as everything is getting started. This is when we are able to capture footage of the bride and groom preps as well as the ceremony site prep. We leave the event once the story has been captured, which usually is shortly after open dancing has begun.

Will you pose or instruct us on what to do while filming is taking place?
The essence of our films is to capture moments as organically as possible. We never ask a couple to say certain things into the camera. Ultimately, it is all about you being you!

Do you film both the bride and groom preps?

Do you shoot in HD?
Everything is shot in 1080p at 24fps.  Same as a Hollywood film.

How long does it take to get our film back?
It takes us about 3-5 months to have a completed film, shot, edited, and burned onto a disc ready for our couples to enjoy.

Do you work well with photographers?
Yes, absolutely! This is something we greatly pride ourselves in.  We do not see weddings as a competition of shots, instead we focus on the couple and their day.  Our desire is to not only produce great films, but to enhance the overall experience.

How long are the highlights?
Highlights are usually 2-4 minutes in length. Main Features are usually 7-10 minutes.(some packages)

What is on the blu-ray?
Each blu-ray starts with a custom designed interactive menu.  All blu-ray’s will include the highlights and interviews in full.  Depending on the package, it will also include: the main feature, ceremony, reception, dancing highlights, first dances, toasts and cake cutting.

Anything else I should know about ShoFilms?

We’re storytellers at heart!  Our approach is a little different. We don’t strictly document your wedding.  We want to tell your story.  We’d like anyone watching your video to feel like they were there… feel what you guys felt.. cry with you.. laugh with you!