How to make your day more cinematic

Be yourself!   We do everything we can to put you at ease while we’re filming.  Have Fun!

What should I do while you are filming?!
You go about your day and we capture it.  The only times we actually ask you to do something is during our interview and when we are all off spending time on photos and video before your reception!  Other than that, pretend we aren’t even here!

What is this “interview” I keep hearing about?
We have a short list of questions that we ask the bride and groom individually and separate from each other.  We have you come to our studio to do this, or we can go to a local place that is special to the two of you. Either way, you won’t get to hear each others’ answers until you see the finished film.  Then of course we chat with you two together in front of the camera, then we run around and do some shots of the two of you being in love.  We have lots of gorgeous outdoor spaces near our studio, or of course this can be done at your special local place.  This footage and audio is paired with the footage of the wedding day to help tell your story even more! It is an integral part of your film!

How will ShoFilms know where to go and where to be?
Schedules are the key to us capturing all of the moments you have your heart set on seeing in the film. The more detailed the better. You will be sent a questionnaire 6 weeks before the event through the client portal. Just let us know the exact times, addresses, any phone numbers, and anything else you think we may need to know before hand about the places you are getting ready, the ceremony, where are the photos and videos happening before the reception etc.

Toasts & Speeches!
Make sure every one has practiced, you’ll want to hear this later!

Is it too dark in here? How do we look?
We always do our best work with whats provided, but for the highest quality film possible, choose venues with as much natural light as possible. This makes for great skin tones and vibrant colors. You won’t be sorry at all!

Don’t take away from my day!
We certainly wont!  We understand your concerns though.  We do need freedom to move around while we film, but we know there are rules.  We have the utmost respect for religious traditions and we do the best to capture these events as they take place in a discreet manner.  We do move around quite a bit to tell your story in the most cinematic way, but we will never do anything or be anywhere that will take away from your day!  As always, talk to your venues (prior to the big day) about their rules and include the details in the schedule that you give to us.